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Memorial for George Floyd conducted in Minneapolis

Memorial for George Floyd conducted in Minneapolis

Hundreds of people mourning the death of George Floyd gathered on Thursday at a chapel in Minneapolis to honor his memory. At the gathering, the Rev. Al Sharpton was to deliver a eulogy, and in the coming days, events which will honor Mr. Floyd’s memory will be conducted in North Carolina and Texas.

Tom A
Tom A
Jack 4 months

I find this disingenuous. How many of these people actually knew or cared about George. Politicizing the dead of an innocent man. Revolting.

mike 4 months

Curious who paid for that extravagant funeral. Yet the 200,000 innocent people that died of covid did not receive such a expensive funeral

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 4 months

Over reaction and now George is a victim of politization. He's probably wanting a solemn funeral not a circus. Put it in retrospect 'educated' America and protestors around the world... Noone is protesting this much as China kills protestors in Hong Kong or kidnaps, tortures thousands of its Uighurs, or Chinese doctors who exposed the wuhan virus.

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