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White House security barred clergy from holding vigil outside church

White House security barred clergy from holding vigil outside church

Federal security forces blocked more than 100 clergy members to gather outside St. John’s Church, directly across from the White House, for a prayer vigil on Wednesday afternoon. The expanded security perimeter around the White House led to a truncated vigil several hundred feet away from the church, as well as confusion and tension between the clergy and some young protesters.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 4 months

Weren't pastors and worshippers being cited for gathering in parking lots just a couple weeks ago? I guess the China virus just mysteriously vanished.

G-Rex 4 months

So "two Corinthians" Trump's photo-op w an upside down Bible is more important than a vigil at the same church days later. Can't wait to see the "1st amendment" people who complain about *private* companies censoring speech defend the actual government censoring religious speech. Y'know the thing the 1st amendment actually addresses.

Jon 4 months

They forgot to hold their bibles upside down like the anti christ bunker boy.

GUYIVKS 4 months

Actually his holding up the so called "liberal" Bible helps highlight how the small L church will change anything in a heartbeat if they think it will help their narrative. Maybe they should count their own sins first. Episcopalians are great at quoting the Bible . Maybe the bishop should go meditate on John 8:7 & Matthew 7:3. Unfortunately this is more of a Matthew 7:15 church.

Fin 4 months

You see how much he respects the constitutional rights the most basic rights.. You where warned repeatedly he would dare go this far... And you did put a check on him during impeachment trial.......dont want to hear your suddenly awoke rebukes... We want you to start following your oath now... Be part of the solution and grow a backbone or be complicit.... You all owe mitt Romney a huge apology.. Scumbag cowards in gop senate... And house... Shame on all of you

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 months

Its funny how conflicting the news has been the last 2 months, more so then usual.

Mutatis 4 months

Meh, this comes off like a pr stunt itself, which is ironic considering all the criticism Trump has gotten.

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