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Move to defund police gains support across America

Move to defund police gains support across America

The movement to defund the police is gaining significant support across the US, including from elected leaders, as protests over the killing of Floyd sweep the nation. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced he is scrapping plans for a massive police budget hike. In New York, more than 40 city council candidates are calling for a $1B cut to the NYPD’s $6B budget over 4 years to help fund other programs

intherough 4 months

Can you imagine no police presence in some communities? This is almost worth it to see who is left standing. Make a Netflix series out of it.

Seekster 4 months

Let's try that. How about the police in...say Baltimore or Minneapolis, take a week or two off and see what happens.

Don'tbackNV 4 months

No police? Great! I can sho0t all these protestors! Run some over with my car. Give them tainted drugs with rat poison. Sick dogs on them. Beat them with various weapons. Please do this in liberal cities so I can live out my bloodlust as a conservative Viking.

Josh 4 months

A lot of people here happy to ridicule the idea without bothering to understand what is being proposed. In the hope that some people DO want to know more before judging, here is a good discussion

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