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UN urges ’people’s vaccine’ as COVID-19 cases rise in developing nations

UN urges ’people’s vaccine’ as COVID-19 cases rise in developing nations

The UN and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement are urging governments worldwide to unite in developing a ’people’s vaccine’ against COVID-19 as countries including India and Pakistan record a surge in cases. The ’people’s vaccine’ should protect the affluent, the poor, the old and young, a joint statement said. Both the countries are seeing higher cases by the day.

sky 2 months

For a vaccine to work it needs to have a living host to attack, bacterium is alive but a virus isn't a living organism this is why you cant vaccine against the flu only build up immunity through infecting the body with the virus, this virus is very similar to the hep and hiv virus in structure and they have only just started trials on a cure for those plus the death rate on this virus is extremely fast working unlike it's older brothers, it would be great but in reality this could take as long as trying to cure aids or cancer

Stephen 2 months

We need to dump the UN like we did the WHO

Watcher 2 months

We didn't elect the UN, and they are in league with Bill and Malinda Gates. Fuck right off please 🖕

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