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Bolsonaro threatens WHO exit as COVID-19 kills ’a Brazilian per minute’

Bolsonaro threatens WHO exit as COVID-19 kills ’a Brazilian per minute’

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro threatens to pull Brazil out of the WHO after the world health agency warned Latin American governments about the risk of lifting lockdowns before slowing the spread of the coronavirus. Bolsonaro accused the WHO of ’ideological bias’, as the county’s death toll past that of Italy on Thursday, recording 1,000 deaths from Covid-19 for a fourth consecutive day.

Watcher 4 months

Just have riots, that seems to make it go away. Let Gates keep funding them, they don't need Brazil

THICC 4 months

The WHO in the past is not same as today it is really sad that WHO today focus more on politics instead on health and its been take over by china

VanDutch42 4 months

Wow, so we’re in the great company of a dictator...trump’s favorite kind of “leader”.

player 4 months

WHO did much better during sars vs now. China owns Worst health organization. There corruption charges will come out eventually when more funding is cut.

Luc 4 months

He’s worse than Trump which is a feat by itself. Doesn’t care about distanciation, meets his base w/o any precautions, etc. Even Trump doesn’t go that far. Doesn’t have power over public health, states have the power in Brazil much like in the US. Praised the military junta, etc. A macho president w/o much abilities to lead a country. They form a nice pair...

Borther Bear
Borther Bear 4 months

It's quite funny how the leaders that largely ignored the threat of COVID-19 at first, are the ones threatening to pull out of the WHO. Blame China for any initial inaccuracy on the gravity of the pandemic as much as you want, but don't act so innocently, as if you had your hands cleaner (to stay on the topic).

Julian 4 months

Good, we need a mass exit from the WHO

Monika 4 months

WHO is a corrupt and morally bankrupt organization

Devon 4 months

Oh no an org that might want me to be accountable and keep up to date with health crisis's... Best avoid them. All that extra work

Ben 4 months

and the dominoes fall into place...F the WHO & the CCP.

Kevin McAlpin
Kevin McAlpin 4 months

he's not president tho.

Wholly 4 months

Does that picture look like the WORST PHOTOSHOP EVER?!?

Marc Klein
Marc Klein 4 months

No wonder Trump loves him. He's just like him. Cares only for himself

Frederick 4 months

A Brazilian per day? Stupid foreign units of measurment. What is that in metric?

OUTRAW mf 4 months

Wow a Brazilian? That sounds like a lot

Dominic 4 months

The guy did it to his own country... Hes just trying to move the blame away from himself...

Ethan 4 months

Great. The Brazilian Trump is doing what his senpai in America is doing.

Aaron 4 months

The WHO acts like it's the Chinese communist party, don't question their authority

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