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Trump to head to rural Maine as protests continue nationwide

Trump to head to rural Maine as protests continue nationwide

Maine’s Gov. (D) Janet Mills urged Trump to ’check his inflammatory rhetoric’ during his Friday visit to the state, which comes amid ongoing protests.Trump’s visiting a facility in rural Maine that makes swabs for coronavirus testing. Earlier this week, Mills told the president she was concerned about ’security problems’ if Trump visited because of his harsh remarks about handling demonstrators

Fin 5 months

Janet just purposely poked the bear... Invited him to come on up and take a s#! T in her neck of the woods... He can't help but take the bait... And step in it with his own words... One foolish bear 🐻..... Am rather certain somewhere in the bushes there will be a cheerleader bird watching..... With his girl nearby reading a, book.... They know Maine n they love Maine just as much as they love every other state.... Janet is''t worried about the circus bear coming to town.... She knows who has her back.... The people of Maine. Who maybe seeking to remove one senator that lacks Jane''s Steely back bone... Raging bears do not scare Janet........... I had the esttemed honor of doing a protective detail once for that book reader.. Who came to visit a hospital in a very diverse town by the southern sea.... A very giving and wise lady wore a forest green suit.. Everybody wanting pic with her even Le''s... Was grateful the reg folks who talk in their watches trusted me to be sure she got well need r and r n a deserved break from all the hob nobbing n selfies demanded.... N safe nourishment.. From her armed waitress.... When it was wheels up she turned smiled and said thank you... Tha''s all any officer really ever needs... And yep gladly would have bit a bullet for her spit it out and nab the clown if needed to get her back to her cheerleader..... I do''t know why I got selected for that but am glad I was.. I figure must have had something to do with all those great cops who trained me and those citizens who knew they could trust me by the merits if my apprehensions arrests n responses... That made me worthy of such a detail..... I know that before I was asked to those who move her did a colonoscopy style background check all the way back to my grade school principal... Tha''s how real police work be it fed state or local... But seems we have gotten lazy.. And complacent thus we must step up unafraid to be responsible at all times for our actions n to tell the truth.. The real truth.. Tha''s the real vest you wear to make u bulletproof from false accusations and half baked misunderstood accounts..... Totality of circumstances says it all

Carol 5 months


Matt 5 months

As a mainah I have one thing to say F*CK Janet mills

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