Seattle bans police use of tear gas for 30 days

Seattle bans police use of tear gas for 30 days

Jenny Durkan, Seattle mayor, has banned the police use of tear gas in the city for 30 days as protests continue over George Floyd’s death while in police custody. Three civilian police watchdog groups advised city leaders to suspend the use of the chemical agents to build public trust and until the department adopts policies and training for the use of them.

Ben Song
Ben Song
Stephen 4 weeks

I really fear for my Seattle brothers and sisters if things get out of hand and the police are too hamstrung to do anything to stop the rioting.

The 4 weeks

Every cop should stand in protest and Not provide security to show their city what a copless society looks like. If the loot they loot if they beat the hell out of civilians oh well. Only way people are gonna learn.

Turbolift 4 weeks

The West coast has lost their collective minds. I'd like to see the demographics on who is advocating for this. I can only surmise it is actual and potential looters

Oliver Biscuit
Oliver Biscuit 4 weeks

Screw that. In a large city like that, if I were mayor, is say it like this. All cops are to be deployed ONLY to protect government buildings. You all want to riot and burn it all to the ground, so be it. I ask that neighborhoods band together and deal with antifa yourselves. Until this is over, we'll be reducing property taxes to reflect the lack of services you will receive. Mic drop. The crowd shits their pants.

S 4 weeks

So they can't use any Michael Bolton?

EnricoLudo 4 weeks

Oh wow! What an effort for Seattle!

Seekster 4 weeks

Why not just have the police stay home for 30 days Seattle?

Douggie 4 weeks

Why only 30 days? How will it be ‘ok’ next month?

Fin 4 weeks

Portland.. Thinks it so progressive.... But doesn't like to tell you it hides rogue officers... Nor its history of it making it illegal up till 1928 for you if u where black to live in Oregon....... The Portland pd has frequently been infiltrated by neo nazis climbing up ranks even as far as lieutenant........ They don't respect ur constitutional rights nnn n are notorious for making up reasons to stop you.... Be very very careful if u go to Portland or any place in Oregon to protest blm.... And if you do please please know the name James Chasen a white man beaten and murdered by the cops.. He had over one hundred bones broken by the cops who also curb stomped him.. James was a minority because he was white homeless and had non violent schizophrenia.. He publically urinated in empty alley but got scared and ashamed ran from an out of control out of shape known thug cop... The coroner was then leaned on by Portland pd to fix her report and she told them hell no and revealed the injuries to James... It was ugly press for Portland pd an cop claiming qualified immunity... But That coroner made it possible for James killers to be brought to justice... That and another tape of that same thug cop man handling a black teen girl because while yes she resisted thug out of shape cop could not cuff her as trained so he beat her.. Way way over the top... Sen merkle you never say anything about Portland pd... Get off ur white arse and do something

Wholly 4 weeks

And protesters CAN?

Lesley 4 weeks

Who decided Sky is left wing? It's another Murdoch publication. Not as extreme as Fox but it still takes a right wing stance on everything.

Nops 4 weeks

Seattle decides to abide by the Geneva Convention for the next 30 days.

_DearJ0hn 3 weeks

Think of it this way: the more democrat mayors do stupid things like this, the more the rioters will destroy their property, the less money that state makes, the quicker democrat States die.

Nemo 3 weeks

Removing the soft diturents that the police have to disperse large unlawful gatherings will only leave them with lethal Force which is exactly what they're trying to get the police to stop doing dispersal agent and flash bangs are harsh ya but removing loudspeakers I don't see the connection there why get rid of that unless you want the police to be defenseless and force them to be offensive

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 3 weeks

I guess they will have to shoot looters and rioters instead? Perhaps let the dogs have them? This seems like a really poorly thought out idea to give the green light to the criminal element in the populous.

Judi Em
Judi Em 3 weeks

Ok, then get out the damn pepper spray.

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