Protesters gather to remember the life of Breonna Taylor

Protesters gather to remember the life of Breonna Taylor

People gathered across the country on Friday for Breonna Taylor to mark what would have been her 27th birthday. Taylor was shot and killed by cops earlier this year in her own home. In her home city of Louisville, Kentucky, dozens gathered in Jefferson Square Park to write birthday cards to send to Taylor’s family. The family is planning a vigil at Louisville Metro Hall of Justice on Saturday.

Sammy 4 weeks

wasnt she the one caught in the cross fire when her druggy boyfriend had a shoot out with the police?

dan 4 weeks

are we going to honor all "no knock" deaths that happened this year? how would the protesters react if we mourned all who died this way this tear? they would scream at you

Fin 4 weeks

A shady no knock warrant... Investigate who swore it out and what was their evidence to convince a judge to sign it..... Another child left motherless... Because of foolish arrogant choices that set the no knock in motion...

Fin 3 weeks

Justice for her... The no knock issued must be dissected to see if the merits it was sworn out on was based on valid probable cause or hunches pencil whipped to appear valid...

S 4 weeks

Her death was worse because she was just at home asleep. Apparently it was the wrong house and she got shot - no criminal record.

tsylana 4 weeks

Already an apologist for white supremacism in the comments.

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