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Despite claims, Barr denies commanding the dispersal of protesters

Despite claims, Barr denies commanding the dispersal of protesters

On Monday morning, the protesters crowded in a park in front of the White House were aggressively pushed back by officers. This was done to make way for the President who was to click a photograph before a nearby church which was ruined during the protests. Barr claims that he and the U.S. Park Police did plan on pushing back the security perimeter but did not give orders for the same on Monday.

Doug 4 months

Barr has decades-long track record of being an honest, trustworthy people's lawyer, a man of unimpeachable integrity, a true justice warrior. (;-)

Dave 4 months

Whoever did wasn't wrong to move rioters away from a church they tried to burn down.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 4 months

Why would Barr be responsible for giving orders reguarding the DC curfew?

EnricoLudo 4 months

I can’t wait to see trump packing his bags and all his lacayos! Bunch of corrupt pussies!

Happy Camper
Happy Camper 4 months

Sadly you can't trust anything coming Barr.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 4 months

Dindu nuffin.

Fin 4 months

Right not directly... Given ur speech months back about undying loyalty to any and all police or pay consequences.... How do you expect anyone with a badge to be honest when as head of justice fudges intent and parses what's said and what's implied to get results.... N using politics to crush the fbis moral n turning a blind eye on loyalists with badges in fbi n those disloyal in his view..... Not facts just hunches and misrepresented often for desired political outcomes to let fbi know be a loyalist or suffer public rebuke... N their are dirty players on both sides cause politics has polluted the fbi... Both sides... Instead Iof being a political atheist on the job.... N kneecap ping director wrenn every chance possible unless he obeys... Their insider oath to the king.. Not the constitution... Chris wren will not bend... But his knees must hurt trying navigate having to low crawl thru the crap and broken glass to keep this country safe from all kinds of rogues foreign n domestic...... I pray for him everyday.... Lord chancellor barr like the sherrif of notinham. A skunk..... Has not raised a finger cept to collect on grudges and hides.. And lies with cold calculated lies not to protect us but to protect just the king he serves and the personal agenda of king.... Been waiting for this game for a long time to keep all in their proper place he sees necessary with a jackboot on ur throat... Not his just those his little speeches inspire... N if questioned by a tough black female senator.. He folds like a cheap metal chair under to much weight.... Doing his Jimmy the chin impression... Put him up in front of public senate hearings... Oh I forgot the senate is run by crickets... Whose only job is to keep shoveling in unqualified ppl to sit on the bench and play at understanding the law but could care less cause they to have taken the donaria oath to one and will be practicing donaria law.. Trumping the constitution

Carol 4 months

He and Trump are lifelong liars!

Sharon 4 months

He does whatever trump wants whenever and whatever period so playing the victim doesn’t work.

RD 4 months

Barr is totally confused and keeps changing his mind. I don't trust these lying politicians

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