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Trump’s George Floyd tribute video taken down on grounds of copyright

Trump’s George Floyd tribute video taken down on grounds of copyright

A video uploaded by Trump campaign as a tribute to George Floyd featured a voice-over praising peaceful protests and criticizing violence by ’radical leftwing groups’. Twitter removed it saying they have received a complaint under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and thus were forced to take down the video. Facebook also removed it. Trump, in response, tweeted that their action was illegal.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 4 months

It's available on Donald Trump's official YouTube channel: Download it asap and re-upload it everywhere. Unity is strength, and when uploaded in large numbers, there's no stopping love from dominating.

Josh 4 months

Trump is brilliantly playing Twitter. Twitter just enforced copyright when asked to do so (as they must by law). A Trump campaign ad with, presumably all the same content except the copyrighted photo) is posted all over Twitter without Twitter making any attempt to block, censor, or squelch. So, Trump gets extra publicity AND gets to make Twitter look bad. He even gets his ad distributed by Newsvoice (see Dr. O's featured comment).

Seekster 4 months

Yeah because that doesn't look biased as F does it Twitter? I guess Biden is the only one that is allowed to pay tribute to George Floyd. At this point Twitter should cut the pretense and just openly endorse Joe Biden and make it official already.

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