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Philadelphia Inquirer editor resigns after ’Buildings Matter, Too’ headline

Philadelphia Inquirer editor resigns after ’Buildings Matter, Too’ headline

Stan Wischnowski, the executive editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer, resigned on Saturday, days after an article with the headline ’Buildings Matter, Too,’ was published in the paper about concerns that buildings could be damaged during protests. Dozens of journalists called in sick following the publication of the article and the paper issued an apology the next day.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 2 months

Why resign ? This witch-hunting mob of fools aren’t even a majority. They just shout the loudest.

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 2 months

Ok, that's just another dumb thing. We should not have police killing people, people killing people, or people destroying stuff. Is that so hard? It would be nice if protests didn't get seeded by looters or rioters, and if protests did something without massive property damage. Keep in mind, rich people who pay lobbyists aren't losing much if anything here.

David 2 months

Apparently only one single thing matters, if you even hint at anything else mattering then you are a raging racist.

Mutatis 2 months

Job security in the 'journalism' field is looking rather terrible these days, be it from the industry constantly losing money or people just being ousted by their activist compatriots.

michael 2 months

people are more important than fucking property.

Elaine 2 months

Why all of a sudden are people now WOKE? I just want to make sure, that everyone is aware, that in August 2019, the same day Republican Dan Coats resigned as Director of National Intelligence, the Trump administration sent a letter to Congress, urging them to make PERMANENT, 3 surveillance provisions of the Patriot Act, which included Section 215, which enables domestic call record collections, and collections of other types of business records. Where the hell were you in 2013, when Edward Snowden, 30 yrs old, who worked for NSA, left the office one day, flew to Hong Kong, and released thousands of classified documents, to 3 journalists, telling the American people that the NSA, with the help of phone companies, were recording all of us, and not just other countries and "terrorists". This all started with Republicans in 2001, and had to be reauthorized at the end of every 4 years, as well as, the lies about WMD's in Iraq, to us and other countries! Trump "got you woke" eh? Now the Trump administration wants to make these policies permanent. Oh, I guess he probably told you, that it's only for never Trumpers, and do nothing Democrats, and you are all ok with that. As if we don't have enough problems as it is, Trump, or his administration of old Fox New hosts and employees, is nowhere near qualified to handle this situation, and provide inspiration and leadership to ALL citizens, and to broker some sort of peace. Trump only knows how to divide and conquer, period.

Fr_gy 2 months


Elaine 2 months

It has become quite clear, just how contagious ignorance is. But hey, all that seems to matter is being "woke", even though it's only one person's idea of truth, for which I have never seen actual facts to support it.

Ben 2 months

I am sure he was told that he was asked to more moron out of work. Im all teared up...

IvoryDove 2 months

Nothing matters but "woke".

Richard 2 months

When does this insanity end? Just saying.

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