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White Supremacist groups banned from Facebook over attempts to waylay protests

White Supremacist groups banned from Facebook over attempts to waylay protests

Approximately 190 Facebook accounts advocating White supremacy were removed, the company announced on Friday. These groups planned on attending the George Floyd protests with weapons and encouraged members of the group to do the same. Similar groups called the Proud Boys and American Guard were banned too. The company assures that they will continue to monitor users who try and circumvent the ban.

FourAncientWhiteElephants 5 months

200? They say white supremacists keep FB afloat and that all Trump's supporters are white supremacists so I figured at least 200,000. Maybe there are only actually a tiny fraction of the population that are white supremacists, that doesn't fit in well with the narrative.

Turk 5 months

Proud Boys don’t care about race. They like to start shit with Antifa. It’s a fucking larp fest. Stop pushing narratives.

GUYIVKS 5 months

Look forward to farcebook and twatter removing all the black supremist and femin.azi misandist pages from their sites.

Dave 5 months

Hopefully theyre suspending the black supremacists too who want to abolish the police and burn down cities and businesses.

Scott 5 months

But it's okay to post crap from Antifa?

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 5 months

Then they can also delete Antifa accounts.Antifa is the most successful white supremesist group in America.They burn down black neighbourhoods and beat up minorities and get applauded for it

White mana matters
White mana matters 5 months

When offering well wishes to a black cop killed by looters gets you labeled "white extremist", the label tends to loose meaning... And the judgement of those who throw this accusation left and right, even for just using the wrong pronoun, looses weight in the end. Cry Wolf...

CakeSorcerer 5 months

News voice Stop censoring my comments or I will stop using the app and tell everyone I know to never use

Scott 5 months

Bet they don't remove any BLM or Antifa crap!!!! Facebook blows!!!!!

Robert_Clearwater 5 months

It's probably run by black people, this happens all the time. One side doesn't think they are getting enough attention so they fake an attack on themselves to gain sympathy. Jessie smollett. White people do it also, some of the news articles talked about fake antifa pages. What I'm saying is that reporting such a large number (OMG OVER 200?!?) means the viewer gets scared and they'll be sure to tune in again at 8 o'clock to listen to the rest of the story brought to them by these sponsors.

Scott 5 months

But they have no problem with BLM or Antifa groups???? Racists!!!!

S 5 months

Great! Nowdelete the ones linkedto black supremacy.... theres MILLIONS

filchface 5 months

You guys know that the leader of proud boys is black, correct?

BadgerMilk 5 months

All I read was, Facebook doesn't ban Antifa.

Scott 5 months

But they'll allow radical BLM groups post anything they want???

Greg 5 months

So there's no left wing groups being targeted and removed? Are these people perfect in everyway or what.

Aaron 5 months

Now antifa crqp.

Joshua 5 months

Fine, I’ll be first to say it: Good riddance. Go back to storefront and stay quarantined. Better yet, just die off angry and alone.

Philip Monterey
Philip Monterey 5 months

People do realize that they'll just spin up more accounts. You do know they can script this stuff right. Just keep generating new accounts after the old ones get removed.

David 5 months

Zuck Fuckerberg!

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