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A family of 5 traveling to funeral killed in plane crash

A family of 5 traveling to funeral killed in plane crash

A family of five from Florida were killed in a plane crash on Friday in north Georgia while they were headed to a funeral, according to authorities. The plane crashed into an area of dense woods around 3:13 p.m. The aircraft was faced with a line of thunderstorms while passing over Putnam County, Georgia. However, it was unclear if they were a reason why the plane crashed.

Ben Song
Ben Song
Chad 2 months


Kevan 2 months

Terrible tragedy. RIP.

Fin 2 months

Ugh... All rest in. Peace..

The Progressive
The Progressive 2 months

The media trying to act like this "innocent w.hite family" were wholesome angels is embarrassing. The father and the mother we're convicted drug addicts & dealers of methamphetamines trying to flee the country and use their children as cover. They got what they deserve, too bad for that actual innocent children though. The media sure does love acting like whites are perfect little angels dat dindu nuffin😂😂but the truth is coming out. Ask the whites how they got my ancestors land in America. Oops but y'u're not allowed to talk about crime when white.s do it. Nevermind. The med'a's little angel snowflakes❄️❄️

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Why they say "Never fly with family".

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