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Trump speech on race, unity being considered by White House

Trump speech on race, unity being considered by White House

As per a report filed by CNN, United States President Donald Trump might make a major address to the nation regarding policing and protests that have broken out across the country over the death of George Floyd. People close to the President have reportedly discussed plans for a speech in response to bipartisan backlash over the President’s handling of the issue.

A user you may know
A user you may know 4 months

No matter what he says there will be suspiciously almost identical opinion pieces from CNN, Msnbc and their ilk that spin it or flat out lie like when they said that trump said that George floyd would be happy about the economy. Flat out damn lies. Anyone can see the video. So make sure you watch it for yourself instead of first hearing about it from CNN because they have crawled so low for ad revenue that they have lost any scrap of integrity.

Fin 4 months

Be just like his one in well of senate... Full of lies an loaded with personal back pats.... N white nationalist language n dog whistles... I guess his base feels soo picked as does he... Poor baby.... Watch him make it about a those filthy socialists.... News to u the far left maybe just as far right is fascist.... But we in middle both parties... Sick of the bait games lies dog whistles and lousy leadership at top office... Either get with the constitution on every level or we will vote you out collectively both sides.. Your a danger to this country and the people all of the people...... And frankly we are gonna vote you out period both sides...... Ur base keep em as a constellation prize... Not gonna be enuff to put u back in.... U blew it from the pandemic response... Our greatest generation u left out there to die in massive numbers... Our fellow citizens of color u threaten military action against for peaceful marches... Tread on us we will tread back by vote... N u won't be able to stop our vote... Not this time...

That Guy
That Guy 4 months


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