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Barr contradicts Trump, says bunker visit was for safety, not an ’inspection’

Barr contradicts Trump, says bunker visit was for safety, not an ’inspection’

AG Barr contradicted the US president on Monday by saying that Trump was taken to an underground bunker late last month not for an ’inspection’ but because of security concerns over demonstrations outside the White House. ’Things were so bad that the Secret Service recommended that the President go down to the bunker,’ Barr said. Trump had earlier claimed that he visited the bunker to inspect it

Timothy 5 months

Does it matter? There are career criminals out there waiting for their Democrat foot wash and socialist angel wings. Why bother about the reasons the President was whisked off to a bunker?

yuckycrumpet 5 months

Like there was any doubt. Too bad bunker boy can’t drop his tough guy act and just be honest for once. Still guy getting thrown under the bus by his own AG won’t matter a hoot to his ego.

Rose 5 months

Trump does not have enough self awareness to admit to himself why there is so much unrest in America right now. Barr may be evil, but at least he is smart enough to know that their destabilizing activities since 2016 is the main reason for the anger from the citizens. Otherwise, he would not be scurrying bunker boi away like public enemy #1. If we had a president who was able to see problems coming in advance, and act on them in such a way that was fair for all his citizens equally, then we would be anxious, but not livid. No one likes to be stuck at home for 6 months, but we do what we have to do to keep ourselves and our fellow citizens safe. At least that's true when we get consistent and relevant information from those at the top, instead of someone who melts down on twitter constantly.

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