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Alabama police department apologizes for ’All Lives Matter’ post

Alabama police department apologizes for ’All Lives Matter’ post

The Madison Police Department apologized after it posted ’All Lives Matter’ on social media. The department said it has deleted its ’All Lives Matter’ post. However it clarified that their intentions were to say that ’all lives are sacred’. The department apologized and promised to work hard to hear citizens all more clearly than previously.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 2 months

I don't honestly see the problem. The police were conveying that they treat everyone the same. Why is this so hard to understand and claim to be racism?

Rocky 2 months

Apologies for facts and truths is not apologies that can be taken seriously. Why would anyone have to apologise for making a factually true statement?

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 2 months

All lives matter, That is the truth and always will be. Black lives are included in that as well. Never apologize for saying this. Especially when were talking about police brutality and racism.

intherough 2 months

Here's my apparent racist question, since I am white, and, that would be the only one I could ask these days. My black work associate said that a lot of blacks she knows won't even talk to white people--I don't know if this includes Latinos. I didn't ask. She and I both agree that that is part of the problem. Is that racist?

Timothy 2 months

I posit that there is a significant connection between white virtue signallers supporting BLM and those pre-disposed to self flaggelation.

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