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US may face repercussions for ban on Chinese companies

US may face repercussions for ban on Chinese companies

The US Senate has passed a bill last month that would essentially ban many Chinese companies from listing shares on US exchanges if they refuse to accept certain conditions relating to national security. Should the bill become law, which is unlikely, it could backfire against American investors despite the bill aiming to protect them, resulting in Chinese companies taking their business elsewhere.

Jack 4 months

That's the price of economic reform. Short term losses for long term gains.

Property 4 months

They have been banning US companies left and right for years. The level of hypocrisy about them getting upset now is ridiculous

Duane 4 months

Once the fear subsides, reasoned reform will happen. It needs to, as we have witnessed during the COVID-19 event, we have holes in our national interest. Some pain will come with those changes.

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 4 months

Yeah, but we really don't want another Luckin coffee. If that's not going to be prevented, then it shouldn't be listed on US sick exchanges.

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