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Trump Jr.’s Mongolian sheep hunting trip cost taxpayers about $75,000

Trump Jr.’s Mongolian sheep hunting trip cost taxpayers about $75,000

Trump Jr.’s eight-day hunting trip to Mongolia last August cost more than $75,000 in taxpayer dollars for Secret Service protection, according to documents obtained by a government watchdog group. The trip, with the exception of Secret Service, was paid for by Trump Jr. The Trump family is taking 12 times as many Secret-Service protected trips as the Obama family did, Huffpost reported.

yuckycrumpet 5 months

The guy must be an awesome hunter. Creeping around surrounded by SS shooting... sheep. Kinda sounds more like a sitcom to me. I mean you can basically walk up and feed them grass if you preferred.

Lesley 5 months

This is news because it demonstrates the hypocrisy of right wing media, the Republican party and Trump. They made a huge deal about how much money Obama spent and how much golf he played. As it turns out, Trump has out spent and out golfed not just Obama, but all other presidents. Every single thing Obama or his family did was criticized in right wing headlines. But now it's about the Trumps, it's not news worthy?

Rose 5 months

Oh such a manly man, who can only hunt when others corral them for him, so he can mow animals down as fast as possible. Bet he takes lots of armament. And sheep? Sheep don't run very fast. Hardly a threat, he must have been hungry for mutton. And he has others find the animals for him, "There they are, shoot." Animals do NOT exist solely for our amusement. Sorry to tell you that, but it's true. You can't tell me that someone starving for food killing a deer in the forest, is the same thing as Don Jr killing for sport, with an entourage.

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