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Retired judge to argue govt shouldn’t drop case against Trump ex-adviser Flynn

Retired judge to argue govt shouldn’t drop case against Trump ex-adviser Flynn

A retired judge would file his arguments for why a federal court in Washington should not allow DOJ to dismiss its criminal case against President Trump’s former national security adviser Flynn. The US district judge hearing the case, Sullivan, had roped in retired Judge Gleeson to serve as a ’friend of the court,’ after DOJ abruptly asked the court to dismiss the criminal charge against Flynn.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

Sullivan seems to be in some kind of delusional vendetta against Flynn possibly as a way to damage Trump. Who knows what these whack jobs really think? Viva Frei has several segments on the Sullivan-Flynn situation -- here is one with Robert Barnes also commenting:

Rose 2 months

Flynn confessed, not once, but several times. There is proof he did the crimes, there are witnesses, and reporting of the details. Research what I just said, so you know I don't have a political agenda. Of course, dismissing charges is standard fare for the authoritarian leader because they use strong arm tactics to get what they want from citizens, politicians and other countries. Flynn was well known as a good source for those activities, with decades of corrupted contacts. To dismiss charges against him, would be like saying: "Hey rich and well connected people, do anything you want, we won't prosecute." Which is SUPPOSED TO BE against our rule of law.

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