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75-year-old protester pushed by cops may be ’ANTIFA provocateur’ says Trump

75-year-old protester pushed by cops may be ’ANTIFA provocateur’ says Trump

President Trump speculated Tuesday that the elderly man seen being pushed to the ground by Buffalo cops ’could be an ANTIFA provocateur’. ’I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?’, Trump said about the 75 year old Martin Gugino. Two cops caught in the footage pushing Gugino to the ground, where he lay bleeding, pleaded not guilty to second-degree assault.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 5 months

Does it matter? He was pushed forcefully by police and cracked his head open. I don't agree with what the police did, even if he is antifa.

Rose 5 months

Someone said that he was trying to return a black helmet you can see laying by him on his left side. I saw it clearly in the second video, where he was holding the helmet towards the cop. I'm 70 years old, I would not approach a cop unless I felt confident I wasn't doing something wrong in doing so. I was one of those kids raised with a respect for the police. (not any longer) His physical demeanor was not threatening at all, when approaching them. This is how all white people approach cops (unless they are criminals).

yuckycrumpet 5 months

Yeh trump. Even if you’re right you’re going to lose on this. Would’ve been smarter to say nothing.

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