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Open to discussion on renaming posts named for Confederate leaders, says Army

Open to discussion on renaming posts named for Confederate leaders, says Army

The leaders of the US Army and the Pentagon are open to talks regarding renaming 10 installations which have been named for Confederate leaders. The same was confirmed by an Army spokesperson. Colonel Sunset Belinsky, the Army spokesperson said that Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and Defense Secretary Mark Esper are open to a bipartisan discussion on the issue.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 2 months

How about we stop vilifying half of the US population that fought in the Civil War.

Jason 2 months

Be prepared to change names of places regularly. If We judge people and actions of the past by the standards of today, we will inevitably find skme reason to be "offended " by something. Clown world. Im glad i will be retired before this takes place

Fin 2 months

How bout one after one of great Tuskegee airmen not a plane lost the fly to protect but many black pilots died to get the job done.... How bout some medal of honor winners or after the one of the great code talkers the schools on them should be named after our medal of honor winners.........naming posts after those who committed sedition continues their silent never really surrender cause South will rise again anti constitutional mentality........ Actually ft Lincoln would be great rename for bragg.

David Webb
David Webb 2 months

They should rename them after jewish communists from ww2 that would be fitting considering the communists won ww2 and now control the USA. The Trotsky barracks for example.

Boycott Newsvoice
Boycott Newsvoice 2 months

About damn time there are cities all over the world naming streets for George Washington etc... it would be a great symbol if there was some reciprocity... I vote for Fort Kurdistan. Or ... Fort Bandera.

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