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Facebook turned to hacking to help FBI catch a child predator

Facebook turned to hacking to help FBI catch a child predator

In order to nab a California man who repeatedly harassed and exploited girls on Facebook, the platform decided to help the FBI hack him. As per reports, Facebook had reportedly been tracking Buster Hernandez for years. Facebook’s security team decided to work with a third-party firm to develop a hacking tool to reveal Hernandez’ real IP address. In February, Hernandez pleaded guilty to 41 charges.

Derek 2 months

There are things that all rational human beings would agree are reprehensible. My concern is what could/will happen when a cancel culture oriented administration decides that a particular line of thought is equally as vile as child molestation. Remember the Red Scare.

Irish Dave
Irish Dave 2 months

This sounds great, they helped catch the guy. What happens when they start calling for wrong think to be outlawed and use the same tactics against those people who disagree with mainstream. If it's possible here nothing stopping it from being abused down the line. Apple wouldn't give up encryption keys to open terrorist phones but Facebook are more then happy to do this.

michael 2 months

DARPA funded, no surprise.

Watcher 2 months

Facebook = Brown coats

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