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Sweden names killer of former PM Olof Palme

Sweden names killer of former PM Olof Palme

Sweden’s Chief Prosecutor has named Stig Engstrom (aka The Skandia man) as the killer of former Prime Minister Olof Palme. This puts an end to a preliminary investigation that has lasted 34 years. Stig Engstrom died in 2000. Palme was shot dead in central Stockholm in 1986 after a visit to the cinema. Engstrom initially stated that he was a witness to the murder.

Timothy 2 months

The case, spanning 34 years, had generated more than 22,000 leads and files occupying 250 metres of shelves. More than 10,000 people had been questioned since 1986, and 134 had claimed responsibility for the murder.

K 2 months

The only "evidence" is that someone used his access card at the nearby hotel shortly before the murder. And of course the Social Democrats, amid their falling approval rating, claim that it's thanks to them that the "murderer" got found. Too bad he committed suicide over a decade ago so he can't be questioned.

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