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2 dead, 8 injured in downtown Minneapolis shooting

2 dead, 8 injured in downtown Minneapolis shooting

A shooting in downtown Minneapolis killed two people and wounded eight others early Saturday. The 10 people shot included five men and five women. No arrests were immediately announced. A police spokesperson said the gunfire stemmed from two men in a crowd who got into an argument, pulled out guns and started shooting.

Randy 4 weeks

So it's permissible to tell us that the shooters were adults, and it's permissible to tell us that they were male. So why are they covering up their race? I can only draw one conclusion. Because otherwise they'd be telling us some hate crime had been committed.

Patty 4 weeks

Another Democrap run city with mass shooting s by so called minority gangs.,,AND whites are the evil ones.SMH

Vark 4 weeks

I'm sure they're regretting the spike in mass crime after defunding the police. Such a shame.

TexasReb 4 weeks

BLM - Defund the Popo! So, black people die.

jennifer 4 weeks

It's the wild,wild west! I just saw something recently about 2 drunk guys in a bar that were arguing over how much a dog could weigh. One guy got so mad he shot and killed the other guy! Fuqking idiots.

Avery 4 weeks

Say what you want about the pandemic, but at least the shootings were scarce.

Rocket 4 weeks

"Defund the police!?" Great job" you MORONS running Minneapolis!

Alex 4 weeks

I’m sure it was a right wing evangelical trump supporter who is also, get this…. “pro life”

Shaun 4 weeks

This is America. Nothing to see here...🙄

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 4 weeks

They say defund police, I say defund thuggery!

America 4 weeks

Probably better defund the police. /s

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 4 weeks

Probabably “good guys” with guns.

Randall 4 weeks

Let's have more guns for everyone!

solodolo 4 weeks

When are we marching?

Vivian 4 weeks

I thought Minneapolis doesn't want Police? See how stupid that sounds now?

flinx101 4 weeks

Those damn white supremacists!!!@

Jon 4 weeks

Wild wild west in America. More guns than people. Pathetic.

Korey 4 weeks

The fact that people still defend the rights for people like this to own guns baffles me.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 4 weeks

More then willing to bet they are res hood trash too.

DikotamousRex 4 weeks

All shot with pistols Democrats: We need to ban hunting rifles!!!

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