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Trump responds to Milley’s apology on photo op

Trump responds to Milley’s apology on photo op

President Trump said he’s ’fine’ with Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley’s move to express regret for accompanying him during a photo op last week at Lafayette Square. ’I have good relationships with the military. I’ve rebuilt our military. I spent two and a half trillion dollars—nobody else did’, Trump added.

michael 2 months

every CONGRESS has voted to spend huge amounts of money on the military. CONGRESS decides where the money goes. and that doesn't even respond to the issue.

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 2 months

$420 billion spent on the military since Trump came to power. Well off the $2.5 trillion statement, here comes another fact checking frenzy by MSM.

porcus 2 months

Trump really should remove this guy from his position. Anyone displaying that degree of concern over following his Commander in Chief should probably be removed from position.

Randall 2 months

Way too much money being spent on military. Much of it being spent on "Economic Draft."

player 2 months

People forget how US works. And why they send so much money. They project american power to world and protect cooperation intereste to do business abroad. Since we the US control all part of oceans no countries in world will go against US. News make China military powerful but reality is the cannot even control South China Sea. US military is there to protect american interest.

lamar 2 months

I see an article from Breitbart. Where is the National Enquirer article?

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