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Hamilton, NZ removes statue of British naval captain

Hamilton, NZ removes statue of British naval captain

The statue of Capt. John Hamilton has been removed a day after a Maori tribe requested it. Hamilton, after which the city was named, is accused of killing indigenous Maori people in the 1860s. City authorities said it was clear the statue was going to be vandalized. Deputy PM Winston Peters, who has Maori heritage, said he was outraged at the ’wave of idiocy’ over the role of historic statues.

Timothy 4 months

Taking this stupidity forward the NZ Government should go further and deport themselves along with anyone not indigenous. After all they are the abiding representation of the injustice done to the Islands original owners.

Tom Fool
Tom Fool 4 months

Replace it with a Futurama suicide booth, it will be a big money maker for the city.

David 4 months

Let's remove all statutes of everyone, I'm sure that everyone ha made a comment or done something that could have been offensive to someone at some point during their lives.

Psinz 4 months

Where this statue was located was above a multi-story underground carpark. If it was toppled there was a high chance it would collapse the roof of the carpark. The city council was told it would be vandalised, so the only 2 options were to remove it without damaging the carpark below it, or 24/7 protection. Removing it and storing it elsewhere was the cheaper option. I just hope it gets put back again, but I doubt that will happen, NZ is being hit with a wave of wokism currently and Hamilton is a student town so is worse than a lot of places due to the younger and academia population.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 months

*eye roll*

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