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China hits back at US telecom supply chain order at WTO

China hits back at US telecom supply chain order at WTO

Accusing the US of undermining the global tech industry’s supply chains, China denounced the US during closed door multilateral talks at the body’s headquarters in Geneva. This comes after the US renewed an executive order barring domestic companies from using telecoms equipment made by firms deemed to pose a national security risk. It is not known whether China would launch a formal dispute.

Gregorio 5 months

Perfect timing for a little pushback after the CCP decided to show off their military might and their ability to give the Hong Kongers a bloody nose. Once again it is not a fair fight so I’m glad Trump has given them notice that he is not going to go along with their bullying their way into the IT market.

Arthur 5 months

The chicoms sould be banned from the the WTO until the eliminate the ccp!

Frank 5 months

People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones...

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