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The Americas now being hit hardest by COVID-19 now

The Americas now being hit hardest by COVID-19 now

WHO announced on Friday that the Americas were receiving the largest blow due to the spread of the virus. While Brazil had more than 90% bed occupancy rates, Mexico is reported to have 130,000 confirmed cases and 15,000 deaths. These statistics are led by the US where there have been more than 2 million cases and nearly 114,000 deaths.

AD 2 months

just shows how pathetic the health systems are.. New zealand prepared A plan for a Pandemic since 2017, and at this moment they Have 0 positive cases. 22 days and counting.

Independent 2 months

Another article about how NY did not even take resources given to them but just piled everyone with virus together so it spread like wildfire. Tell me again how the US is at the top of great country list...

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