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Seattle, Dallas to suspend use of tear gas on protesters

Seattle, Dallas to suspend use of tear gas on protesters

Seattle and Dallas have moved to suspend the use of tear gas by police officers on demonstrators. In Seattle, a federal judge ordered the city to temporarily stop using tear gas, pepper spray and flash bang devices to break up peaceful protests. In Dallas, officials agreed to a 90-day ban on the use of tear gas and other less-lethal police crowd-control weapons against demonstrators.

Change Matters
Change Matters 4 months

I find it interesting that collectivists are protesting collectives and that we are all surprised when the collective with the monopoly on force uses said force.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 4 months

I notice they use “peaceful” to describe the protesters. I really don’t see the police using any of those things on “Peaceful” protests, but as soon as they start to turn ugly all bets are off. Sounds fair to me

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 4 months

And Dallas goes the way of Seattle...well done!

John W
John W 4 months

They need to use water Cannons. I pretty sure they haven't seen soap and water for sometime. Arson is hot sweaty work. 💣💥🧨🚿🛀🧽🧼 Antifa lights himself on fire by mistake.//ttps://y/ //ttps://nyp/st.c/m//02//06/12/three-indicted-for-allegedly-throwing-molotov-cocktails-at-nypd-v/hicles/ Three indicted for allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails at NYPD vehicles, face life in prison Brooklyn lawyers Urooj Rahman, 31, and Colinford Mattis, 32, were accused of tossing their own Molotov cocktail at an unoccupied police vehicle in Brooklyn during a separate attack. //ttps://komon/ws.c/m/new//local/tacoma-woman-accused-of-setting-five-police-vehicles-on-fire-during-seattle-protests Tacoma woman accused of setting 5 police vehicles on fire during Seattle protests

Richard 4 months

I feel like there is a lot of misinformation out there about this "protest". It seems to fall right along political lines. The left and the right are saying exactly what you would expect them to say.

CYDOMIUS 4 months

Time to roll with the pepper ball guns with 200 rounds. Better yet equip them to drones and let rip on the rioters.

Dave 4 months

Okay so they can't use them on peaceful protests. Can they still use them on the race rioters burning down cities?

GreenMachine 4 months

Ok. So should they go back to the old school tools of water hoses, dogs, and batons? I'm just curious what they think will happen.

.Tet. 4 months

I'm ok with banning flashbangs, it can damage your ears, equilibrium and can disorient you too much. Idc either way about pepper spray. However tear gas i dont think should be banned. I think its better than using rubber bullets and helps limit physical confrontation. During arrests it also gives a key advantage to cops, since rioters want to get treatment and will (hopefully) be less reliant on resisting arrest. Thats just my opinion. Lmk if you disagree or want to inform me on something I may have missed.

Turbolift 4 months

Word on the streets is police are using offers of free weed and iPhone XRs . Seems to be working

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 4 months


Bryan Shoemaker
Bryan Shoemaker 4 months

Its not peaceful protest. its Greed and communist.

Don'tbackNV 4 months

Use napalm

John W
John W 4 months

Seattle CHAZ has racially segregated "garden" area. 😂 https///youtu.b//tLLDHEcSzrA

Richard 4 months

no gas grenades.... So can they use regular grenades then???

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 4 months

Sounds like it’s time to aerosol Oleoresin Capsicum for use in gas grenades!

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