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CA sandwich shop owner calls BLM a ’flip side’ of KKK

CA sandwich shop owner calls BLM a ’flip side’ of KKK

Mickey Mann, the franchise owner of a Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop sent an ’anti-Black Lives Matter (BLM)’ email to one of the employees who wore a BLM pin to work. The email was made public on Twitter. It emphasized that Mann did not care about the BLM movement, adding that his staff is trying to ’force’ their opinion on him. Following this, his shop was shut down by corporate.

Seekster 2 months

I wonder how long until they are forced to apologize for voicing a contrary opinion.

21st Century Revolution
21st Century Revolution 2 months

So much white privilege in these comments. It would be amazing if some of these people could step out of their own shallow perspectives and see things from a larger view.

KeybladeMasterAndy 2 months

That's a stretch. Oh, SOME of them are on that level, and rioting, while a nice power fantasy, is hardly a good look on anyone in reality, but most of them seem to believe they are fighting for equality.

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