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Trump comes down heavily on Biden

Trump comes down heavily on Biden

United States President Donald Trump on Monday came down heavily on former Vice President Joe Biden and claimed that he had done more in his first term than the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee had done in his entire career of public service. President Trump also described Mr. Biden as ’weak and shot’.

bobby_5150 4 months

Sounds like Joe's getting desperate. When he remembers that he's running.

David 4 months

You would think instead of all the energy and time spent on hating Trump and coming up with false BS allegations, that Dems would have used all of their time to develop a great candidate. Creepy Joe is their offering.......

Matt 4 months

Is there anyone that seriously thinks Biden is even there at all I mean there's literally articles saying they just need Joe to stay alive

Fin 4 months

Easy to say when u personalize the armed forces from behind ur wall up on Penn Ave n flaunt upside down bibles in front of a church n don't even crack it open

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 4 months

All of you are forgetting about bunker boy, who had tear gas used on peaceful American citizens exercising their 1st Amendment rights to protest, so he could have a photo-OP in front of a Church. Now he's built a wall around the White House that has razor wire on top so no one can get to him. Biden isn't living exclusively in his basement, he's using it for public addresses, interviews, and meetings with his campaign managers. So don't fall for Trump's lies. Maybe some of you better start listening to what Trump really does say at his rallies. If he doesn't have a written script, he just goes on and on about nothing. He's stuck in 2016 and his issue with Clinton or Obama. Trump is incapable of forward thinking. He's only interested in the power afforded him by the presidency.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 4 months

You would think Bunker Boy would shy away from the subject of basements. Further proof he is a little on the dim side. 😂

Aaron 4 months

Joe , please be quiet, you don't make much sense.

Fin 4 months

Say the baby steps down ramp guy

Beercorn 4 months

It's funny that the Breitbart article actually says something about the story in the headline, while the HuffPost article is just some vague statement that tells you nothing about the article and sounds more like the title of an Op Ed.

Judi Em
Judi Em 4 months

LOL! Funny one! Do you think that was once Biden's Grandma's house?!

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