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Trump says he won’t watch NFL, U.S. soccer amid kneeling row

Trump says he won’t watch NFL, U.S. soccer amid kneeling row

President Trump has said he will not watch the NFL or US soccer team matches if players do not stand for the national anthem. The US Soccer Federation said last week it had dropped its requirement that players stand during the anthem. ’I won’t be watching much anymore’, Trump tweeted on Saturday in response to a report of congressman Matt Gaetz criticizing US Soccer’s move.

intherough 5 months

Not a good idea to draw attention to yourself if you are being paid a ton of money and providing nothing but minor entertainment to a society. I have a friend who says sports have always been used to divert attention from what's really going on. For some reason people think you have to watch their protests or you are racist (word has officially lost all meaning now). I can't handle watching constant conflict. If it's not relaxing, count me out.

Rocky 5 months

People say "great you will not be missed", but don't realize that it is a signal of an overarching American sentiment that is shared by nearly half of their customers. The revenue loss will be substantial. I don't think the NFL can survive on the amount of revenue left in it's current form. Teams will have to reduce salaries or do something drastic after this season to change course or we very well could see teams filing for bankruptcy.

yuckycrumpet 5 months

They obviously don’t care bunker boy. I mean you get booed from the crowd most of the time anyway. trump 2020

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