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L.A. County saw a 12.7% jump in homeless population

L.A. County saw a 12.7% jump in homeless population

The number of homeless people counted across LA County jumped 12.7% over the past year to more than 66,400, officials said Friday. The majority of those experiencing homelessness were found in Los Angeles, which had a 14.2% increase to 41,290. California has an estimated 150,000 homeless people, the most in the country. January’s annual homelessness count came before the COVID-19 outbreak.

America 2 months

This is what happens when you let radical idealists run rampant. Shame on news media for fanning the flames of division.

JMMA-Z 2 months

Keep them there! Force California to deal with them!

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 2 months

That's not the only thing that's jumped:

☁️ Strife
☁️ Strife 2 months

Is just me or do these numbers seem really low. I live in California and routinely commute all through greater Los Angeles, North/South Bay Area and Sacramento. Homelessness is everywhere. Full on tent cities, overpasses stuffed with makeshift shelters, sleeping bags and shopping carts on the sidewalks, and miles long stretches of RVs and cars. It's everywhere.

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