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Two Fed. presidents say systemic racism reduces U.S. economic growth

Two Fed. presidents say systemic racism reduces U.S. economic growth

President’s of two regional Federal Reserve banks said that a ’more inclusive’ economy would be stronger because racism limits access to jobs, education and other economic opportunities for Blacks and hurts the economy. Raphael Bostic, the president and CEO of the Atlanta Fed, said in an essay published Friday. Dallas Fed president Robert Kaplan made similar comments at a forum on Monday.

Hasegawa Fish
Hasegawa Fish 4 months

So the non-specific bogeyman is to blame for the slow economy. But wait a minute, if unemployment among blacks and Hispanics is part of that 'systemic' problem, isn't it amazing that it was historically low last year?

River 4 months

The system is biased against the poor. Inanimate things can not be racist. People are racist. If a system is "racist" it is because of the people running or designing the system. "Systemic racism" is a illogical word that groups two separate problems into one, thus making it harder to solve the issues. Focus on the racist people and the system designed on keeping the poor poor. Don't join the hate train on the endless tack through the clouds chasing the imaginary "systemic racism" issue.

A user you may know
A user you may know 4 months

That's a load of 💩. I doubt he even could believe it as he said it.

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