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Steroid found to help prevent deaths of sickest coronavirus patients

Steroid found to help prevent deaths of sickest coronavirus patients

Dexamethasone has become the first cheap steroid in life-saving treatment in the Covid-19 pandemic. The drug is available from any pharmacy, and easily obtainable anywhere in the world. Investigators said that the drug was responsible for the survival of one in eight of the sickest patients, those who were on ventilators and were in the Recovery trial phase.

JustSomeGuy 5 months

Am I the only one that hopesTrump doesn't mention this drug in any way share or form, especially if it is showing signs of helping...

John W
John W 5 months

Vitamin D like the french are doing works much better for to prevent covid-19 lung damage. Helps body regulate immune inflammation, thru specific immune cells. See here. Covid 19 positive patients in france are tested for (very common) vitamin d deficiency. If low the are given large dose of D, immediately and D levels are monitored and maintained at good levels. Lack of D in blood plays important part in lung damage. Vitamin D is not really profitable so don't expect much action in the USA.

Fin 5 months

It's not a prevent drug... N d can't help when ur in phases late on covid... The steroid helps the lungs to push out air and draw breathe keeping the lung surfactant from being destroyed which is what covid does by flipping on ur own bodies immune cells to basically thru interluekin betas cytokines that are killing ur own surfactant..... It's not a vitamin deficencieny that does this. N to this date d has nada to do with that... Go back to school... It's all about preserving lung surfactant n finding a way to tutn off your body's over stimulated immune response to arrest the response of rage n cytokine storming n halt ars that leads to dic

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