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Police investigating militia members in shooting in Albuquerque

Police investigating militia members in shooting in Albuquerque

Officials are scrutinizing armed vigilante groups in New Mexico following the shooting of a protester trying to remove a statue of a Spanish conquistador infamous for brutalizing Native Americans. The New Mexico Civil Guard were out in force at the Monday demonstration in Albuquerque. Authorities in Albuquerque, N.M., are trying to sort out whether the militia was involved in the shooting.

K3719er 4 months

It really doesnt matter if he was militia or not (although the militia group has said he wasnt.) The fact is, they all had a right to be armed, the vandals had NO rights to destroy public property. Also, as it turns out, when people scream "We are going to kill you!" and then proceed start assaulting you, it is entirely reasonable to assume they are trying to kill you. The only things this man did wrong was A) Not shoot sooner and B) Not hitting center of mass.

Pedro 4 months

The cops shouldn't arrest this guy he's a hero and if they dont want more of this the cops should enforce the law

Matt 4 months

Of course someone got shot they chased and tried to beat someone only to find out he had a gun and was willing to defend himself

Matthew 4 months

If you don't want this to happen then try having the police actually enforce the law. It is the government that has allowed rioting bands of criminals to do whatever they want because of "my social justice" the government cannot then act surprised when normal citizens enforce the law themselves.

Al 4 months


Cerberus Rex
Cerberus Rex 4 months

Seems like America like to solve problems with bullets.

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