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Tulsa health official urges rally postponement due to spike in Covid-19 cases

Tulsa health official urges rally postponement due to spike in Covid-19 cases

The top public health official in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said he recommended delaying President Trump’s rally there on Saturday amid a spike in local coronavirus cases. ’It’s the perfect storm of potential over-the-top disease transmission,’ said Bruce Dart, the executive director of the Tulsa health department.’Tulsa County tallied 89 new cases on Monday, its one-day high since the virus’s outbreak.

SickOfTribalisem 2 months

I see the pandemic... the one trump took auick swip action against.. early on and later we've learned the infection rate was much higher then we expected and the mmortality much lower.. got it... trump who's tring to recover the economy is horrible right.. orange man bad... while rioters and protesters and... all screaming and screaching next to each other that's all ok... norhing to see here..

Mozgus 2 months

Can't wait for news crews to find one person suffering 2 weeks after this rally and they'll be quoted as saying "Trump gave me the covid. Trump is killing me.".

Fin 2 months

No let em all breathe n snort n scream all over each other being shining examples of how much they really care about one's right to life... Having a beer garden rally is far more important then doing the civic responsible thing that protects senior citizens.whom . Many vets our greatest generation..let's see what's of value... All lives matter or just their fun matters

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