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Dick Durbin apologizes after ’token’ remark

Dick Durbin apologizes after ’token’ remark

Dick Durbin, the Senate Minority Whip apologized to Senator Tim Scott after he was chastised by Senator Scott for warning against ’token’ police reform legislation. Emily Hampsten, the communications director of Senator Durbin said that the Senator apologized the minute he heard that he had offended Senator Scott.

Fin 2 months

U better apologize... Sen Scott in a crappy position... But a real powerful crappy position... Help him expose the bs an get the hard laws onto the books.... So that good police can do their jobs excising out tramp punk cops....this isn't about party its about the nasty sub culture that exists in departments killing people they have sworn to protect n serve because they think they can n are above the law.... Needs to stop... N stop asap

EZ 2 months

Sometimes the Truth hurts...i would never allow myself to be serenaded as the front man on this mandate of nothingness

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