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US AAM reports China is eager to profit off Covid-19 distressed US assets

US AAM reports China is eager to profit off Covid-19 distressed US assets

Per a study prepared by the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM), China is targeting vulnerable US assets and expanding its market share during the global economic crisis triggered by the novel coronavirus. The trade group’s Horizon Advisory report shows China is viewing the crisis as a chance to expand its footprint in US markets, supply chains, and critical infrastructure.

Hannibal 2 months

Nope. The Chamber of Commerce hasn't represented American business interests in four decades. They openly embraced outsourcing, tax loopholes for multinational corporations, and shredded safety standards for consumers. The China trade deal is trash. Our business leaders should be advocates of uncoupling the US from trade with the oppressive, genocidal, autocratic communist Chinese government.

sergio.O 2 months

China has launched ipo left and right in usa stock exchange for a long time now...defrauding us investers.. Great documentary on it : the China hustle (2017) Available on netflix they are professional cheaters unfortunately

IvoryDove 2 months

Release a virus upon the world after buying short on multiple market stocks... Reap the profits, buy low and wait for the stock to come back. Sounds like a plan.

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