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Trump signs bill sanctioning China over Uighur treatment

Trump signs bill sanctioning China over Uighur treatment

Trump on Wednesday signed into law an act that authorizes sanctions against Chinese officials responsible for the mass incarceration and human rights violations of Uighur Muslims. Trump’s announcement came as papers published excerpts from a new book by his former national security advisor, John Bolton, alleging that Trump, during a meeting with Xi Jinping, had approved of their mass detention.

Timothy 2 months

This is a cause worth getting behind. Lot’s of balanced view documentaries on YouTube regarding what’s going on in Xinjiang. This systematic attempt by the CCP to homogenise China’s diverse population and cultures is resulting in the most inhuman treatment of it’s peoples. Diversity is good and the CCP is deleting huge swathes of the human story.

Michael 2 months

Liberals care about Muslims, unless they're in China.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Disgusting human rights violations. Nobody deserves that treatment. Good move. Also who voted no??? Seriously.

Cory Pritchard
Cory Pritchard 2 months

Is a good move.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 2 months

Go figure. The supposed racist wants to punish a country which is actually racist.

luth 2 months

Wow RT is very biased against the US. Suppose I shouldn't be surprised

_齐晓__ 2 months

Suddenly the U.S cares about Muslims now?. I'd rather remove all those extremist Muslims like China than indiscriminately bomb them.

wazzy75 2 months

Disappointed it took election looming for POTUS to act. Having said that at least he acted...

Kalki 2 months

China saying they running vocational educational centers that offer an alternative to Islamic extremism. Atleast it's a start I guess. America counters islamic extermism is essential for their way of life. 9/11 by Saudis and then americans go destroy Iraq. Saudi royal family more than willing to radicalize Islam as long as Saudi royal family is enriched. USA has the largest incarcerated citizens in their private prisons. Too bad these prisons aren't situated close to each other, or else we should've had a cool pic of these concentrations from space just like North Korea. Then again I wonder why china ain't going ahead and killing these people because u know they hate "human rights"...I mean if they did tiananmen massacre...what's stopping them now. Even during the covid pandemic...why didn't they wipe out their huge population...they could've saved so much money n resources.

Just Print More Money
Just Print More Money 2 months

No one really talks about how the Chinese government admitted to harvesting their organs.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 2 months

Good! its about time some one does something.

Morbo 2 months

Lets see how the left can spin this. After all its only the mass incarseration of hundreds of thousands in "re-education" camps where women are raped by guards and people disappear, along with their organs. Surely its a better use of the presidents time to remove the police from the streets with no plan what to replace them with while cheering as statues are torn down, Isis style.

Ka 2 months

Trump: Muslims are bad and evil Also Trump: hOw dArE thEy tReAt mUsLiMs bAd

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 2 months

Now that's something I can get behind.

fassil 2 months

Trump wants to sanction China for oppressing and incarceration of Muslims!? WTF is going on ?!! Then why doesn't for example Canada or the EU sanction the US for all the human and civil rights violation of its own citizens (children in cages, BLM, Trump's lawlessness) ? It would help the marginalised, and warn the notorious oppressors .. Oh I get get it, the victims are not whites .. and the immorality of double standards has a long tradition... help

Filip 2 months

Meanwhile we essentially have concentration camps filled with immigrants at the border. I’m not saying I disagree with those sanctions but what I’m saying is that before we go pointing fingers at other countries we should point fingers at ourselves, otherwise we are just hypocrites.

A. Guven
A. Guven 2 months

I dont know why all media kinda hides this information, but these Are Muslim Uighur "Turks".

Ver 2 months

How long before China impose sanctions on the US for mass incarcerations and racial discrimination of its own people? The US should take care of their own problems before giving lessons to the world. This hypocrisy needs to stop.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 months

Haha Trump is so transparent. This is because of Boltons book which brought some more of Trump misdeeds to life.

Katharine 2 months

Hope it works!

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