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Top EU court rules against Hungary’s NGO law

Top EU court rules against Hungary’s NGO law

The Court of Justice of the EU ruled that restrictions imposed by Hungary on the foreign funding of NGO’s do not comply with EU law. The court found that the law was in violation of EU rules on the free movement of capital and fundamental rights like the right to freedom of association. The rules were seen targeting mainly groups partially financed by George Soros.

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 2 months

And there we go again. The EU sticking it's nose into how countries handle their internal affairs. I hope Orban tells them to put their fines where sun doesn't shine and I hope the EU goes under during my lifetime.

dan 2 months

1 more knife in the EU, soon countries will leave in mass. who would have thought a governing base of unelected officials telling everyone what to do and wasting their money wouldn't work?

Bart 2 months

So let me get this right, UE can revoke a Country rule. Can we finally call it the fourth Reich?

Forelle 2 months

Can it be that when you join the EU you have to follow EU Laws . whattt!!!

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