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Trump calls for ’new justices’ on Supreme Court after unfavorable rulings

Trump calls for ’new justices’ on Supreme Court after unfavorable rulings

President Trump on Thursday pledged to unveil a new list of potential Supreme Court nominees, after a pair of rulings this week went against his administration. The court on Thursday blocked the administration’s attempt to end DACA, a program that protects tens of thousands of immigrants. On Monday the court ruled that employees cannot be fired for being gay or transgender.

Rose 5 months

If he had his way, he'd hire conservative judges directly out of high school, before they have had a chance to learn anything about real life, and easily manipulated. Problem is, humans have brains, they can think for themselves, and Donald does not like that.

Rocky 5 months

Courts are not political tools. They are a separate and equal branch of government. Does the supreme court get rulings wrong? Yes all the time, so numerous it's nearly impossible to list them all, but some get corrected over time. I wish all judges ruled strictly on the merits of the case and the Constitution. This obviously didn't happen here and in many recent cases, but the solution is not to go outside the system and try to subvert their authority. You continue to appoint judges you think will be more aligned with the Constitution and move on.

1 and done.
1 and done. 5 months

I am not sure what Trump think will change with more justices on the Supreme Court. He lost the last case only because the administration didn’t follow the law regarding the impacts of the case to the Dreamers. Roberts said clearly that they were not saying he can’t do it, but the administration must follow the law to determine the impacts of overturning the previous regulations.

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