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Facebook buys Google Street View competitor Mapillary

Facebook buys Google Street View competitor Mapillary

Facebook has acquired Swedish mapping technology company Mapillary, which collects images from tens of thousands of contributors to build immersive and up-to-date maps. While the acquisition price was not disclosed, Mapillary has raised $24.5M from investors over the last 7 years. Mapillary’s users will still be able to continue uploading imagery and using the map data from images on the platform.

Doug 2 months

I was afraid this was going to happen to Mapillary; I hoped it wouldn't be one of the evil giants. (:-(

Andromeda 2 months

Do you want to buy mapillary? Emails from Hillary? No...mapillary. Sure that too No just our mapping. Fine whatever.

Zack 2 months

Do anti-monopoly laws just not exist at this point?

sergio.O 2 months

Well it was bound to happen... Here's a list of what fb bought... (Don't know if the list is complete , wiki hey ^^) I'm really intrigued about CTRL labs as an external alternativ to the internal neuralink from musk... The gap between machines and human is getting shorter

Rhokanth 2 months

I love companies competing over our private information. Now coming to a street near you!

Ismac 2 months

Why can't we have all the good things? I'm so disappointed by this news.

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