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After backlash, AMC says masks will be required in theaters

After backlash, AMC says masks will be required in theaters

On Thursday, Chief Executive Adam Aron had told the trade publication that AMC had no plans to require moviegoers to wear face masks, nor would they be screened for fevers. Movie-theater chain AMC backtracked on Friday after initially saying it won’t require patrons to wear face masks in order to avoid ’political controversy’ when it reopens next month.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait
Rocky 2 months

I'll be all to happy to go there immediately after they open if they stick with this policy. Making decisions based on the best available information is always the correct one even if the screeching minority yells really loudly. Edit: I guess I'm going to have to continue my medical exemption for the mask requirements, but I won't be rushing to support them now.

Rose 2 months

We are still on our first wave of Covid-19 because we decided it was "time to get back to life," but the cases are continuing to rise. (I saw it coming on 1/17) What has the news channels said about the increase in cases and deaths for the last two months? Not much, but they are starting to... again. The average human on this planet needs to be told when there is danger, because we are self centered, and if it doesn't impact us directly, we think it doesn't exist. All our leaders world-wide need to be more open and honest, and stop thinking with their pocketbooks. OR we should make it our jobs to watch out for things that will hurt us, and not wait to be told to take care of ourselves. Coronavirus Cases as of today: 2,278,917 Deaths: 121,024 Recovered: 932,602

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