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Australian PM: Country being targeted by ’sophisticated’ cyber attack

Australian PM: Country being targeted by ’sophisticated’ cyber attack

Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia has said that the country is currently the target of a ’sophisticated’ cyber attack. Mr. Morrison also said that an unnamed foreign government is behind the attack. All levels of the government have been targeted by the attack.

Tom A
Tom A
Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 5 months

I always feel like somebody's watching me. It's the CCP and the new CIA Chinese Intelligence Agencies... Just watch a Chinese bot will soon write a reply against this...

Simon 5 months

I live in Australia and the PM is spreading the seed of war.

ShadowDreik 5 months

American is experiencing cyber attacks. Why are they only admitting it’s happening in Australia? Here we only hear about one service interruption after the other without explanation.

Arthur 5 months

Can you say China ccp.

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