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Navy will not reinstate captain who sounded alarm on COVID-19

Navy will not reinstate captain who sounded alarm on COVID-19

The US Navy has decided against reinstating Capt. Crozier to command the aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt. Crozier was fired Apr 2 by then-acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly after warning several naval officers about the growing COVID-19 outbreak, in a letter leaked to the press. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gilday said that Crozier ’did not meet the standard expected for a commanding officer’.

Neil 2 months

I stand with the navy on this one. What he did was completely and deliberately against DOD guidelines, and there were hundreds of other ways to go about getting the help he needed for his crew. Just imagine the complete lack of order if every service member decided to write the outside world anytime they believe something needed to change. Not only does it give the enemy an advantage in knowing the week points, which could cost lives, it just looks really bad. When they signed the dotted line they agreed to having some rights suppressed, that being one of them.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

So how long until Crozier is a "expert" or "contributor" or "comrade" at CNN/MSNBC? If only he was black, that would be like hitting a trifecta.

ithpally321 2 months

The man was in charge of one of our most important military assets and he clearly violated OPSEC. Even an E1 would punished for violating OPSEC and it only gets stricter in the higher ranks.

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 2 months

The US military has lost all respect. They used to be independent of political bias. Trump has destroyed that.

Antony 2 months

While Cmdr Bone-Spurs holds the rally.

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 2 months

He did the right thing and it came with the correct consequences.

Fin 2 months

A payback.... But he will take it with honor because he knows he did right thing to save his sailors

4thHokage 2 months

In America No good deed goes unpunished

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