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Stock market strong despite very weak economy

Stock market strong despite very weak economy

The overall state of the U.S. economy and unemployment is very bad. But there has been some data to suggest that the worst fears about the economy in late March and April were too pessimistic such a May’s jobs report which showed a surprising decline in unemployment. But it is still surprising that the U.S. stock market is near its record high.

Is it 2025 yet?
Is it 2025 yet? 5 months

Could this have anything to do with the trillions of dollars being printed and injected into the market by the Fed? Yes. Obviously. This is a bubble being held up by another bubble. What could possibly go wrong?!? Don't be the one left holding the bag when the bottom falls out...

Kaitlyn 5 months

It’s an example of an industry specific inflation. Due to the trillions injected into the market, the value of each dollar is now worth less vs the stocks they are priced against. This makes it look like the values have gone up, when in reality it’s the value of the dollar which has gone down.

Mar10 5 months

Complete disconnect between the market and the economy... it's pure madness and will only be corrected by a painful crash unfortunately.

ToddBundy 5 months

That's what happens when the government tosses hundreds of Billions of dollars in bail outs and tax breaks to billionaire and corporations but can't provide health care, education and jobs for it's people. The great American empire

Fin 5 months

Pals assisting pals to prop up the mirage

Barry 5 months

The stock market has been propped up on a soap bubble for awhile now

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