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China releases details of Hong Kong’s new anti-sedition law

China releases details of Hong Kong’s new anti-sedition law

Beijing has released details of a controversial anti-sedition law, which China will set up as a national security agency in Hong Kong to maintain jurisdiction in ’certain circumstances’. Critics say the law, which goal is to target separatism, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces, will be used against people who criticize the government and fundamentally undermine free speech.

Jon 2 months

So let's see, it is now illegal for people in Hong Kong to... speak to anyone from a foreign nation, speak poorly of China or the Chinese puppet government of Hong Kong, or try to leave. And when they comply, they will live every second under the scrutiny and supervision of the Chinese government. Sounds kindkinda like Supermax. What terrible crime did they commit to earn this punishment? Oh, yeah, they didn't fight to the death to stop it. Next stop Australia.

Noobs 2 months

Wait, it aims to restrict what you can say, and it is there to protect free speech? Oh China, you fool.

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