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Trump campaign reacts to claims that TikTok, K-Pop fans sabotaged rally

Trump campaign reacts to claims that TikTok, K-Pop fans sabotaged rally

The Trump campaign slammed media reports that teen activists sabotaged turnout at President Trump’s Tulsa rally, suggesting instead the low turnout was ’because of COVID and protesters’. Social media was rife with claims that Tiktok users and K-Pop fans bulk reserved tickets they had no intention of using. Trump campaign countered this explained the process of screening out false ticket requests.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 2 months

The reason more people didn’t get into the arena was because of the temperature checks slowing down entry. Once the President enters they stop allowing people to go in due to security reasons.

Cam 2 months

This is one of those things that is only funny to some because it happened to Trump. If someone even attempted this against Obama, I can imagine the headlines. It would have been called an ‘undemocratic attack on the election system,’ ‘a cheat on the process’ and ‘an act that goes against the American system of freedom of assembly,’ but this is the way the world works now. The double standards are getting so blatant, eventually being unable to see the fabricated narrative won’t be excusable.

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 2 months

Awesome the younger generation is getting more involved they understand the dangers of this president

Ovidiu 2 months

Ha ha

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 2 months


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