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Fort Bragg, California considers name change

Fort Bragg, California considers name change

A Northern California coastal city named for a Confederate general is considering a name change. The city council of Fort Bragg heard Monday from people both supporting and opposing a name change. The city is named for Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg, who’s accused of keeping more than 100 slaves. Mayor Will Lee has initiated a commission to examine the issue of a name change.

Ryan M
Ryan M 2 months

No one is free from sin, all people are flawed. Every town that is named after someone is named after someone who did something wrong. If we are to have no towns named after flawed people, we will have to start naming municipalities things like "Economic Zone HZ7096992796-L." Every product name and logo has the potential to offend someone for some reason. If we are to have no product names or logos which offend anyone, we will have to start naming products things like "Nutritional Supplement NS9028095341-J." Ah, the vibrant progressive utopia we are ushering in. It will be glorious!

Seekster 2 months

This one I don't really have a problem with. A town's name has no significance other than to distinguish it from other towns. It is also strange that a town in Northern California would be named after a Confederate General. If the people or their representatives want to change the name of the town, I don't care.

Taylor 2 months

Political Correctness is cancer, it will consume everything and then itself. Then in 50 yrs society will scrub every memory of this cancel culture from history, see how that works? How about just leave things alone and learn from our past and leave something beautiful to be admired by the future.

Marcos 2 months

Well, America was named after Américo Vespúcio, an European Seaman of the 15th century and, as a man of his time, took part on slavery, conquest and war with native populations and a ton of other acts, beliefs and values that today would be considered despicable. Will teu guys change the name of the country too? What about the continent? By the way, your week days are named after European rascist and wardriven gods. The concepts of Democracy and Republic were also created by rascists and imperialists. Will you throw it aside? And guess who created and first promoted the idea that "all men are created equal"?

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